Importuga is a young company dedicated to promote and represent foreign firms that wish to sell their products in the Benelux market.

About us

Searching attractive markets and finding the right place and right partner in order to create new selling sources is a much more complicated job than it may seem.

The variety of products and the wide offer of brands in terms of price and quality is the main cause for this complexity, especially when it comes to exclusive products that deserve the necessary attention and distinction if we want its original quality to be appreciated.

Importuga is well aware of the wide variety of products on the market and understands the need of those manufacturers that want to export their products without losing their image and prestige.

We are proud that the partners we represent are very satisfied with our relationship and result.

Importuga is committed on positioning the brand of its customers in the Benelux market always respecting the quality, exclusivity and prestige of their products.

We do anything for our customers and during these years we have build a strong en reliable relationship.